Pure Performance Enhancers offers the best sponsorship programs for Coaches, Trainers, Bodybuilders, Fitness Athletes and Sports Athletes.

All Sponsored Athletes will have there own product price lists and start under a 6 month contract period, they will be evaluated 3 months in and then 6 months in. Depending where you stand with your sales and business engagement will reflect on the upgrade of your sponsorship. All sponsorships start as a “Beginner” sponsored athlete with the opportunity of upgrading to “Intermediate” or “Advanced” sponsorships.

Once we have evaluated your business with us and justify your eligibility for upgrade and extended sponsorship, your sponsorship will then be upgraded. You will then be evaluated every 3 months on your business and sales with us. You will also be now entitled to your personal sponsorship products. We will offer you 1 cycle every 4 months, 4 products per cycle with a total of 12 products a year. Depending on where you stand during your evaluations will depend on the discount applied to your personal sponsorship products.

All personal sponsorship cycles/products will start with 10% off (based on your price list) and can go up to 100% coverage on your 12 personal sponsorship products.

If we feel you deserve a upgraded sponsorship before your first 6 month evaluation due to your hard work and commitment as a sponsored athlete with us, we will upgrade your sponsorship along with any other additional upgrades we feel is deserved.

So, If you are a Coach, Trainer, Bodybuilder or athlete and feel you would do well and benefit as a Pure Performance Enhancers Athlete send us a email and we would be more happy to discuss this further.

PPE team

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